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   (1)  Shatter Star  Constellations  
   (2)  BRICK MISTRESS  Electric Chair  
   (3)  monarch  Create-a-Monster  
   (4)  6 Minutes In  Always be there  
   (5)  Clearview  Lost and Lonely  
   (6)  the Sidewalk Beserkers  Ladadoo(thanks)  
   (7)  No One In General  Yesterdays Dream  
   (8)  Pieces of Eden  A medly of Stard  
   (9)  24-Hour Taco Shop  My Girlfriend Re  
   (10)  Jack Knight  Coming Home Agai  
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Welcome To Local Music - Pittsburgh
This web site is a full featured web application that most artists, venues, and retailers can use as their entire web presence. If you would like to see a feature that is not here, let us know.

It's all about the music!
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  • Also, our Music Directory offers even more to our local music community.

    • :: Automatic Event Submissions ::
      Now, whenever an event is placed by either an Artist or a Venue, they are automatically emailed out weekly on Wednesdays at 10AM . Accordingly, the Artist and Venue manager section's "Add an Event" page has been modified. We now have the form self validating, so be sure to fill in the required fields for each event. This was needed to be sure the correct info would be getting to the required resources. (Oh, if anyone has or knows of other show resources that we could send these events to, just email me and we can set it up. I can easily send only shows from specific genres.)

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      You can now access our events calendar via your wireless device at

      (Note: This URL does not work in a browser and is just for the wireless devices.)

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      At the top of each page, you can now search our database for Artists, Venues, or Retailers. These records can now be searched by name, by location, or both.

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      Artists, Venues, and Retailers each have their own photo galleries with multiple categories.

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      Artists, Venues, and Retailers each have their own mailing list.

    • :: Artist Songs & Voting ::
      Artists can now upload multiple songs and each song can be voted on by users of this site.

    • :: Member FAQ ::
      Artists, Venues, and Retailers each have their own FAQ section for frequently asked questions.

    • :: Member Feedback ::
      Artists, Venues, and Retailers each have their own user feedback section.

    • :: Free Classifieds ::
      Free classifieds for any visitors to this site.

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      To make it easier for the musicians who actively use and promote their listings on our site, we have set up artist"s addresses in the form of

      Each artist has their respective address at the top of their listing under their name.

    • :: Music Reviews ::
      We will write a review of your CD and post it here on the site - our honest opinion. Just send us your CD, preferrably an autographed copy for our collection.

    • :: More Local Music ::
      We are in the process of introducing some different sections to expand our site's content. We are currently looking for contributors. (Interested Parties Should Email Us for More Details)
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